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E-commerce MLM System Integration in Network Marketing Software


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NEO MLM Promotional Tools

                 Lately, the focus is on re-marketing on Google and social networks, as well as email marketing. As far as email marketing is concerned, when we talk about e-commerce, automated e-mail sequences that have certain events like "triggers" are the most used. Examples are e-mails series due to an abandoned shopping basket, withdrawal at the end of purchase, discounts, and offers of complementary products.                     Analytics, which is in line with the aforementioned trend, is not negligible. In order to be able to adjust the sales strategies you use, it's important that you know who, when, how and through which channel your online store is most visited by. Analytics is your business partner, as the first one to show if there is a problem in the functioning of the store, or the opposite - to show a trend of sudden popularity of certain products.
               As a registered consumer, you have the opportunity to, as an Indepen…