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Neo MLM Investment Plan

Investment PlanIt's important to realize that every person in your network is registered directly in the company (not with you), buys products for himself from the company (not from you), pays the goods to the company (not to you). If there is no store in a city where this person lives, then the company (and not you) sends the product to that person. The company produces, sells, distributes and charges products. It is responsible for their quality and provides the necessary certifications. It has outlets and pays workers who work there. It pays taxes and takes risks of doing business. It charges everything and at the end of the month pays you the commission fee. All of these are company's responsibilities! Your job is to RECOMMEND products to people and promote the business opportunities provided by the company. Investment Bonus
"Investment Bonus" is a bonus this bonus is credited to member account based totally on the member investment. Especially this bonus dispensed …

Neo MLM Donation Plan

Donation PlanToday, many improvements to the original binary plan are used. One improvement that sounds very attractive is a matching bonus. Matching bonuses are based on the weekly (or cyclical) wages of personally sponsored distributors. Unlike permanent outlets, direct sales involve the sale of products and services directly to the consumer. Direct sales usually involve product demonstration and advice on how to apply the product. Consumers are to be made sure that products are the right solution for them and their needs. Associates in the performance of these tasks receive instructions from their own superiors, are trained to work with consumers and on methods of persuasion and mode of operation. Various seminars and training sessions for all employees and associates are organized in order to as well as strengthen their business as well as private relationships. The more members you have in your network, you will have more monthly traffic. The higher your network traffic is, the hi…